Welcome to Wisconsin Vascular Access Service

Wisconsin Vascular Access Service is a team of highly skilled Board Certified RN's educated in the use of ultrasound guidance and vascular access technologies. We provide service 24/7 (including weekends/holidays), collaborate with the treatment team and perform a thorough assessment of the patient vascular access need and provide the most appropriate vascular access device.

Why Choose Us

  • Company started in 2009
    • Over 28,000 PICC Line Placements
    • Over 9,500 Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV Placements
    • Over 4,300 Midline IV Placements (started placing Midlines in August 2013)
    • Over 1,600 PICC Evaluations performed (avoid the cost of replacement if possible)
      • Assess non-functioning line
      • Thrombolyse PICC to restore patency of the line
      • Evaluate CXR for proper tip placement
      • High Flow Flush Technique (HFFT) to correct malpositioned line
  • 99.3% Success Rate in 2015
  • Thirty Registered Nurses all highly skilled with Ultrasound for venous access
  • Servicing 10 hospitals and LTAC’s in Milwaukee, Racine, Ozaukee and Waukesha with service expansion to additional areas of the state
  • 24/7 Coverage; Most services completed within 4 hours
  • Collaborate with health care team: Assess, Recommend and Advocate for the most appropriate venous access device to optimize patient outcome
  • Emphasis on Vein Preservation: Chronic Kidney Disease, Limited access points
  • Avoid multiple IV access attempts and restarts which cause pain and stress
  • Implement & maintain evidence based practices to prevent central line-associated bloodstream Infection according to most recent National Patient Safety Goals
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

Career opportunities

Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds in ICU, Emergency Services, Telemetry, Medical-Surgical, LTAC, Rehabilitation and Long -Term Care. We understand the needs of patients throughout the continuum of care.

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Ultrasound Image Vein Assessment

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